Certification process for Approval of Rural Construction in Chile

Informe Favorable para la Construcción 

(process formally known as  “Change of Soil Use”)

Any owner of rural property who wants to develop the land beyond agriculture activities, must first request permission known as an Informe Favorable para la Construcción  from la Secretaría Regional Ministerial de Agricultura (SEREMI de Agricultura).

Certification process for Approval of Rural Construction in Chile

This report explains permissions necessary for new construction, with or without subdivision, in order to install / build non-agricultural structures in a rural sector. Continue reading


Río Itata river loop


The Itata river is an administrative boundary between the Biobio and Ñuble regions.  Often in the area, but typically rushing past it, we had not stopped to take a good look.  So today we took a day to look at the river and the activities and communities bordering it. We chose this section because it was a rather simple loop, defined by three bridges (the middle bridge would be used to circle back in case we ran out of time).  But we got it all in, and took approximately 300 photos,  and many videos.  Files of that size can become a bit complicated to share or post into a page, therefore, we created a simple compilation of all the videos, followed by a slide show of the photos and posted it to our YouTube Channel (LINK).

The plan was simply to see the general area better, and select a few villages at random. We mostly stayed to the principal road, on occasion veering off on neighborhood roads, improved upon it as we went.  As you will see in the photos / videos selection, We did not only take photos of the most beautiful farms and homes, but of everything, better and worse.  That is to say, when making general reviews such as this, we act in the role of amateur journalists showing the place as it is, and not so much as brokers trying to sell it. Continue reading

Ñuble: The 16th Region, la XVI región de Chile, MAPA

Ñuble Map: The 16th Region > la XVI región de Chile,  MAPA

28 July 2017

After two years of discussions and planning, the Chilean senate passed legislation on July 12th to subdivide the current province of Ñuble from the Biobío region and create from the province a new administrative region.  Effective soon, the new region will be known as Ñuble, and will be the 16th region of Chile, include those same 21 communes as the current province of Ñuble. Continue reading

maqui plants in Chile

maqui plants in Chile

Maqui plants in Chile, Maqui Propagation:   the age of the Chilean Maquiberry

The interest to increase production of maqui in this country began many years ago. Thanks to the high content of antioxidants, maquiberry has recently been termed as a super fruit, and now demand for freeze dried, pulverized, and juiced products has risen sharply.  In 2016, the market of marqui berry products exceeded US $ 10 million, although experts consider that this figure represents only a minimal percentage of the actual commercial potential of the maqui.    Continue reading

Real Estate Appraisal in Chile

Real Estate Appraisal in Chile

Information on real estate appraisal in Chile will be compiled and translated here.  Original links and documents also maintained. Improvements and additions to translated portions will be made over time.

Essentially, as a small library on the subject, and to cummarize and share comments.

When I first looked for information on the subject of Chilean appraisals (tasaciones) of real estate – the information was hard to find, and very narrow or subjective.  So it´s been on our list to cover.       Recently, others have published some good articles on the subject in English. So that makes it easy to play librarian rather than commentator.

We have found the appraisal business in Chile to be more transparent than it was rumored to be.  And we´ve had little trouble in dealing with appraisers, nor with potential conflicts, nor understanding the difference in the types of appraisals of land in Chile (or for any real property appraisals).  What follows of this article will be free of opinion  >>  only translated documents on the subject.  Enjoy. Continue reading